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Emergency Preparedness for Homeowners and Renters – Fox 5 San Diego

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Real Estate Market Post Government Shutdown – Fox 5 San Diego

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Lauren Kaplan, ET’s Kid Correspondent, Inside Walt Disney’s Apartment

Lauren KaplanAs seen on ETonline.com, “it’s no secret the late Walt Disney worked up a storm creating Disneyland, the happiest place on earth, but not many know that Walt often took residence within a secret apartment above Main Street during the park’s 1955 construction.

ET‘s resident kid reporter Lauren Kaplan was granted exclusive access to the legend’s working residence atop Disneyland’s famed firehouse. Modestly furnished with views of the Anaheim park’s entrance, Walt spent a great many of the 257 days it took to create the theme park within the apartment’s walls.

While Disney was busy overseeing construction, he was also working hard on his beloved classic, Read the rest of this entry »

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